Software Research, Design, and Development

We offer a full spectrum of software development services. We can operate as part of your software team or as your complete software development organization. We have the experience to choose the right solution and technology for your project.


  • Custom software development
  • Line of business applications
  • Product development
  • Experts in databases and reporting systems
  • Web, mobile, desktop applications
  • iPhone and iPad applications
  • Business intelligence systems
  • Integration and data exchange
  • Research and requirements analysis
  • User interface design


  • C#, C++, VB
  • .NET
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP
  • Objective-C, Cocoa
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

Our Clients

We work with clients on projects and products.


A project client may have a line of business application, one or more databases, many types of data entry and reporting interfaces, a mixture of packaged and custom software, and integration programming to move data between systems.


A product client may have their own software development team, established processes and methodologies, robust requirements and design standards, release planning, time-to-market constraints, and hundreds or thousands of users.

Project Lifecycle

No two projects are the same. Each will require a different level of detail at each step of the lifecycle. Our experience will ensure that you have the right effort devoted to the right tasks.

Getting Started

Everything starts with your first contact with us, by phone or email. We will discuss your project, answer questions, and help you decide if our services match your needs. Once you are comfortable that we can help, we will work with you to produce a statement of work for your project and sign our simple time-and-materials contract. At this point, we also determine if site visits are necessary, exchange information and data, and establish any needed connections to your systems.

Research and Design

Every project takes some amount of research, requirements, design, and planning. For a simple project, this might be handled by a quick conversation and a few design notes. For larger projects or product development, this might require competitive research, market/functional requirements analysis, and multiple phases of design and project planning. Let us help you get the first steps right.

In this phase, we like to produce wireframes, prototypes, and a first step deliverable. We do this to show that we understand your needs. And we do this to show successful progress. With software development, the best way to prove that a project is on-track is to show progress.


The heart of our process is continuous delivery of useful software. We work with our clients to establish weekly or monthly deliverables of working software. Whatever the project or product, the "proof is in the progress". Early feedback ensures we understand requirements.

Support and Maintenance

Our work with you builds a relationship. You can be comfortable calling us or sending us a quick email. We can manage all of the software development assets for your project or product, but they always belong to you. We provide issue/defect tracking for ongoing projects. We can work with you as your systems are upgraded. The lifecycle starts again when you are ready to enhance or extend your software project or product. We are ready to work with you.