About Us


Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Infoshape Software was founded in 2007 by a group of people with over 20 years experience in professional software development. As the company evolved, we found our focus. Our philosophy is that, if you work on something you love, your clients will always be impressed and satisfied. That approach has brought us success.

We work with clients across the United States. When you work with us, you will be working with one of the founders. It is personally satisfying to us to see your project succeed. This builds a lasting relationship and it ensures your software meets your needs.

Elegant Software

Elegant software is software that simply works. It does exactly what you expect, how you expect it, and without intruding.

We believe that software development is a professional craft that is a combination of science and art. The science of algorithms, data structures, architecture and design is combined with the art of presentation, user interaction, usability, and visualization.

Building great software requires a process that can harness the science and art of software development. This is our expertise. This is our passion. We call it "elegant software construction".

We are passionate about our craft, and we enjoy the opportunity to bring that passion to client projects. Each project allows us to help our clients by making software that supports their mission and objectives. We are small, but we are staffed with people that are experts at their profession and who appreciate the skill and reward of creating beautiful software.